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HERstory: Courage of Women

Author D J Presson’s novels engage, entertain and edify readers, illuminating the backstory of the crucial issues facing America

Millions of Americans still struggle to pay skyrocketing medical bills despite healthcare reform. Global warming threatens environmental catastrophe. America’s promise as a beacon of liberty worldwide is under siege as angry voices call for banning members of an entire religion.

The problems may seem intractable, but history tells us otherwise – if we take the time to explore how our past has shaped our present. That’s what novelist Dorette “D J” Presson does in books that engage readers to better understand who we are, how we got here and the assets women bring to solving our problems.

D J is author of two new novels: The Outcasts of Eden published Jul 1, 2016, and The Broker: a novel, published Nov 16, 2015, and is writing a series about America’s foundation as a nation of immigrants. After 16 years working in America’s convoluted insurance industry, she set out to tackle problems such as healthcare, environmental crisis and immigration.

D J combines meticulous research with compelling characters and storytelling to keep readers enthralled. She writes modern and historical fiction that tackles topics of importance to society, like Ken Follett and E. L. Doctorow, but with a strong female perspective. “My books depict female characters in difficult situations that require them to find courage, stamina or anger to survive,” she says.

Her first book, “The Broker: a novel,” tells the inside story of how large corporate HR departments make deals for employee insurance benefits, from the perspective of three women at different levels of the career ladder. It is described as “a provocative look into the boardrooms, bedrooms and blowouts of the people and corporations that power the American insurance industry. Amidst the carnage of broken lives and decimated wealth suffered by countless Americans due to the high cost of health care, (this) is the story of the deals and the decadence, and the cadre of individuals at the top of an industry reaping unimaginable profits.”

Her second novel, “The Outcasts of Eden,” examines the history of environmentalism from Rachel Carson's publication of “Silent Spring” to the first UN conference on climate change, and the movement's struggle against powerful interests to become an accepted and expected part of doing business. The main character is a young woman who has spent her life as an environmental activist opposed to her father's PR firm that represents the interests of the planet's major polluters, and wages a disinformation campaign to discredit environmentalists and the movement. When she suddenly inherits his firm, she must confront the truth about the evil he has unleashed on the world and attempt to change the mindset of the companies he represented.

D J is now finishing her third novel, “The Heritage.” It is the story of a brother and sister caught in the politics of 17th century England and their struggle for representation and freedom of conscience that eventually sets them on a difficult journey to the New World.

“The new book has a lot to do with our current political climate because of the backlash against immigration,” she says. “Unless you are a Native American Indian, you or your ancestors were an immigrant at one time.”

D J’s stories and the lessons they contain grow out of her life and multifaceted career. A self-made and self-taught woman, she comes from a family of Ph.Ds but quit high school to explore education on her own terms. She has owned her own businesses and lived in exotic and luxurious locales including Brentwood, Calif., Paris and The French Riviera, Washington, D.C., and Sarasota, Palm Beach and Miami.

“I’ve been a high-end caterer, a small restaurant chef, a rich man’s muse, a real estate marketing executive, an insurance company go-to person, and an insurance broker's whipping post (not necessarily in that order) before finally chucking it all to live in a house in the mountains and chase my dream of writing novels.”

At her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Hendersonville, North Carolina, D J spends her time doing deep research for her novels, and persuing her own form of therapy, cooking.

“When I am stressed, anxious, nervous or frustrated, I cook,” she says. “Cooking is my zen place, my yoga, my meditation mantra.”

As a novelist, D J’s goal to is enlighten as she entertains, anchoring her stories in the historical context and facts that are too easily forgotten in the age of information overload.

“I write about topics that I feel are culturally and societally important because I think that there is a tendency, especially in our fast-paced, 140-character modern world, to gloss over the nuances in the details of our history, and we forget what actually did happen.”

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