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The Power of Women for Change

Women are often the caretakers and providers for their families. D J explains why protecting the environment and access to affordable healthcare are women’s issues, and how women confront them in her books.

American Healthcare in Crisis

The fictional events depicted in D J’s novel “The Broker: a novel” take place prior to the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March 2010. The law only partly resolves one side of the healthcare crisis. “Access to insurance is not access to healthcare, nor is it access to healthcare that is affordable,” she says. D J tells what needs to change.

When the Free Market Fails

“It is ludicrous to expect the consumer to ‘shop’ for pricing on healthcare delivery, or worse, to negotiate rates and fees of in-network and out-of-network services while bleeding on a gurney in an emergency room,” D J says. She explains why trying to cover millions of Americans by forcing them to buy individual insurance plans at outrageous prices only benefits the insurers ­– and she offers some solutions.

Birth of The Edenists

Progress since the birth of the modern environmental movement has been “two steps forward, one back.” In her novel The Outcasts of Eden, D J foretells a new viewpoint on caring for the earth she describes as “more Mahatma Ghandi; less Ayn Rand.”

Stop Glossing Over History

Many people have a nostalgic view of history that’s at odds with facts and based on their own biases. From her research on her novels, D J discusses questions people can use to get to the truth about what happened, a generation or a century ago.

Beyond Racism

D J tells what moved her to include “an alternative vision” for the life of Trayvon Benjamin Martin, the real-life victim of a racially motivated shooting who grows up in her book “The Broker: a novel.”

De-clutter Your Mental Desktop

Our stressed out, always connected lifestyles have shortened our attention spans and distracted us at a time when we really need to be paying attention to what’s going on in world. D J explains how a good read can help us not only relax but also better understand the problems we face.

Is HR Selling Your Benefits Short?

From her 16 years working for a major insurer and research “The Broker: a novel,” D J shares questions corporate employees can ask HR to get the benefits they need and not overpay for insurance.

Her Story, Our History

D J wrote her novel The Outcasts of Eden, which examines 30 years of the environmental movement, based on her personal experience working at an environmental PR firm. She writes what she has lived and learned through her experience and research. She discusses parts of her books that mirror her life.

We’re All Immigrants

America is a nation built by immigrants drawn by the promise of a better life. Yet today we face calls to build walls, turn away refugees and exclude Muslims. D J discusses what she is learning in researching her new historical novel “The Heritage” that can help us understand what’s going on and put it in context.

Zen Home Cooking for Health

Food takes a big role in D J’s books and in her life. She cares for and cooks for her 87-year-old mother at home. She shares how the kitchen helps her deal with stress and sparks her imagination – and how having healthy home cooked meals has improved her mom’s health.
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